The Kyber is a rugged, artistically refined, titanium framelock: the full titanium frame acts as both the handle and the locking mechanism - making for a very slim and light overall profile, and one of the most rugged folding knife designs.  The perfect medium knife for urban environments or where a compact and lightweight ultra-refined Gent's knife may be needed!


It features a semi-tanto dropped point blade; perfect for every day slicing and cutting tasks. This one features teflon washers smooth and long service life, with a satin finished RWL34 stainless steel blade.


As a non-gravity-assisted knife, it is the perfect carry knife for states with cumbersome knife restrictions.  It has a strong detent lock-up, ensuring it will not open accidentally.  All hardware is titanium and hardened stainless with titanium pocket clip.


***Customers are responsible for fully knowing and complying with their local knife laws and I assume no responsibility or liability for an individuals' lack of understanding or willful violation of local infringments/laws.  EU/UK customers assume full responsibility if a knife is confiscated by Customs, and I will not offer refunds for same.  KNOW YOUR LAWS BEFORE PURCHASING!***



Steel – RWL34 utility satin finish

Finish – brushed metallic, textured/satin, and satin

Open Length – 7 7/8” OAL

Blade – 3.25”

Closed length - 4.5"

Handle Material – anodized titanium

Backspacer - carbon fiber

Clip - anodized titanium

Construction - titanium pivot/collar hardware, hardened stop pin, teflon washers

Kyber: Ti framelock, RWL34

  • Return within 5 days in unused condition for a full refund (less the 30% deposit on custom commissions). I offer a lifetime warranty to replace or repair any of my handmade knives that fail to perform it's intended task due to flaws in materials or craftsmanship. Normal cosmetic blemishes acquired while using the knife are not covered for a full replacement, but I will make a reasonable attempt to 'revive' well-used knives I've created, on customer request (shipping fees payed by customer).


    ***I do not under any circumstances warranty knives that have been willfully neglected or abused, or which have been destroyed being used in a manner not intended for the knives purpose or design.***


    International customers are 100% solely responsible for all import/duty taxes and restrictions.  International sales are FINAL!  If it gets confiscated by customs I will NOT reimburse.  KNOW YOUR LAWS!


    Special Exceptions:


    Military members using one of my knives in an active combat situation or while deployed to an official combat theater will receive a complete replacement/refund should the knife fail in any way, or become destroyed.

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