The Oosik Dagger is one of my favorite art knives to date, and was a labor in love to complete.  It was loosely inspired by the quintessential french Quillon dagger you might see around the 14-16th centuries.  My main goal in creating this piece, was to bring something to life that was lethal and elegant, but not brutal and rugged.  It features a semi-diamond cross section style and thick blade made more for it's ability to penetrate, than for slicing or hacking.  The stunted quillons (cross guards) give it a very svelte and concealable profile, and I can almost envision something like this being hidden under a noblemans sash or coat as a more refined and polite weapon to wear in public.


The W2 blade has a smokey hidden hamon, and is detailed by a handcarved fuller running down both sides of the blade.  I built it with a through-tang construction style and stainless fittings to ensure that, while elegant and beautiful, this dagger is perfectly capable of hard use and withstanding any abuse it may be expected to take in a combative situation.


The handle is a fossilized piece of walrus oosik (reproductive bone), and was hand carved and polished, then treated with Renaissance Wax to ensure longevity.  The artifact bone is completely stabile and has wonderful and unique textures and tones running throughout - a result of the mineralizing effect during fossilization.


It comes in a padded zippered case.


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  • Steel – W2
  • Finish – Hamon, etched and polished
  • Length – 13.25” OAL
  • Blade – 8”
  • Handle Material – fossil walrus bone

Oosik Dagger

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